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Student Dress Code

Students at the Bibb County Career Academy must comply with the following dress code which was has been adapted from the Bibb County Board of Education Policy.
BCCA STUDENT DRESS CODE                                                                                  
  • Students must be neatly dressed, clean and well-groomed while at school.
  • Shoes or sandals must be worn at school.  Open-heeled or loose fitting shoes, such as flip flops, may be prohibited by the principal due to safety concerns or the inability of the student to participate in required physical activities.
  • Hair must be clean, free of head lice or nits, well-groomed, not in the eyes, and of a length not dangerous around equipment.
  • With approval of the principal, activity sponsors may establish different rules for dress and grooming as a prerequisite for membership and participation in specific activities. Each program at BCCA will administer their own dress requirements that reflect the dress requirements of their respective business/industry.
  • Hats, head wear or head coverings and sunglasses are not to be worn inside school building unless for medical reasons or related to the work being performed in the program.
  • Length of shorts, skirts and dresses should be no more than four (4) inches above the knee.
  • Students must secure loose pants around waist to prevent “sagging”.  Students must have shirttails tucked inside the pants if they are more than five (5) inches below the waist.
  • Tight fitting spandex-type shorts or body suits, such as, bicycle shorts or leotards, must not be worn as outer garments at school. Any shirt or dress worn with tight fitting spandex-type shorts or body suits must be within proper length of dress code requirements (4 inches above the knee)
  • Halters, cut-off or see-through shirts and blouses, tank tops less than 2”, mesh shirts, spaghetti strap blouses, shirts, blouses or pants that expose the mid portion of the body, undergarments worn as outer garments, pajamas or any other clothing that is determined to be too tight and revealing, suggestive or disruptive shall not be worn to school.
  • Clothing or paraphernalia with slogans, flags, or pictures or writings which are obscene, offensive, suggestive, controversial or which promote affiliation, activities or products prohibited by the Code of Student Conduct shall not be permitted at school, such as, gangs, gambling, obscenity, profanity, etc.
  • Clothing or paraphernalia with slogans, graphics or pictures that refer to alcohol, illegal drugs, or tobacco shall not be worn at school.
  • Clothes with holes above the knee are not to be worn to school.
  • See through or mesh book bags may be permitted any other bags must be left in the office during class.
  • Trench coats or other type long coats shall not be worn in the school building.
  • Students shall not wear any body-piercing jewelry except earrings at school.