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Student Transportation

Bus transportation is provided by the Bibb County School System.  All students are required to ride the bus to and from the Career Academy.  Any exceptions to this rule must have special permission from Mr. Lawley in advance of driving to campus.  Any violation may be punishable by suspension or other disciplinary action.


Students should remember that school policies prevail from the time they arrive at the parent school until they are dismissed at the end of the day.  These policies are in effect while students are on the buses to and from the Career Academy.  Buses should be boarded in an orderly fashion and conduct should be within policies of the Career Academy and the home high school. Food, drinks, and electronic devices such as cell phones, iPODS, MP3 players, CD players, ear buds, headphones and other electronic devices are prohibited on the school bus.


Once the buses arrive at the Career Academy, students should dismount the buses in an orderly manner and report immediately to their  Career Academy program.  Teachers will be on duty out front to assist students if needed.  Students are not allowed on buses during break or prior to the dismissal bell.


If it is necessary for a student to drive his/her own vehicle, he/she must have special permission from the BCCA Director, from his/her Career Academy instructor, from the principal of his/her home high school, and from a parent or guardian before driving.  The student should report to the office prior to the day he/she is to drive in order to obtain a driving permit (found below).  Verification of a driver’s license must be presented. Students are not allowed to drive to the Career Academy during school hours without a permit, even if they are checked out from their home high school.



Students driving personal vehicles must park in the designated parking area behind the Healthcare Science classroom.  Vehicles brought on campus must not contain items which violate board policy or city, state, or federal laws.  Students are not to go to parked vehicles during the school day.  Only the student given permission to drive should be in the car.  No other student is to be transported in the vehicle.  Violation of this rule may result in disciplinary consequences including suspension from school and loss of further driving privileges to the Career Academy.