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School Policies



General Workplace Rules


The Bibb County Career Academy is transitioning to a simulated workplace. To ensure that students obtain the soft skills needed for a successful career the following rules will be in place:


1. Employees (students) are expected to report directly to their worksite. Students will be expected to sign in on time. Daily clock-in time will be documented and your workplace grade can be penalized.


2. Employees are expected to adhere to the dress code at all times. You should dress in workplace appropriate attire for your chosen Career Path. Hats are not allowed inside the building unless directly related to work being performed.


3. Use of cellphones or other personal electronic devices is not allowed during work hours without expressed permission of your workplace supervisor. BCCA will follow the Bibb County Board of Education Cell Phone Policy.


4. Employees are to remain in their assigned workplace. Do not enter another workplace without permission of the supervisor.


5. Horseplay of any kind is not allowed in the workplace. Employee’s workplace grade will be penalized for horseplay/safety issues.


6. Vending machines and ice-cream sales are off limits except during break. Employees must obtain permission from the main office before using these machines during other working hours. Employees should remain in the designated break areas unless they have other permission from their workplace supervisor.


7. Employees should respect the workplace facilities and not leave any trash on the ground or picnic tables. Employees could lose their break privileges and have points deducted from their workplace grade.


8. Employees should only use their designated restroom areas and notify their supervisor when leaving the workplace.


9. Employees should be focused on their job within the workplace and not have distractions such as classwork from other subjects.


10. When assigned to a job within a workplace, such as equipment manager, safety manager, technology manager, etc… employees are responsible for all items falling under that job title. Failure to complete assigned duties will result in change of job title and a deduction in the workplace grade.


11. Bibb County Career Academy is a tobacco, drug, and alcohol free workplace. Any violations of this rule could result in grade loss and other disciplinary action according to the Bibb County Code of Student Conduct and Alabama state laws. This includes all worksites and school buses.


12. Employees are expected to arrive at BCCA on school provided transportation. Any employee wishing to bring their personal vehicle must obtain permission from their supervisor, BCCA director, parents, and home school principal PRIOR to driving.


13. Daily attendance is very important. Employees are expected to be at work each day. Supervisors should be informed of any planned absence ahead of time. If an employee is unable to attend for any reason, the supervisor should be informed as quickly as possible. Unexcused absences, absences without notification, and absences for optional school events could result in a deduction in workplace grade.